Football Development Camps

In our football development camps players will be put through an intensive footballing programme, designed for them to help reach their maximum potential. Following a specifically designed programme by our expert coaches.

What does a JCR Football Development Camp Look Like?

For 3 days, players will enjoy a football learning experience in which they can take what they learn into their weekend teams. Our team of expert coaches, will put together a specially designed programme of high intensity, high quality sessions to help players to reach their full potential. Along the way, there will be plenty of opportunity for players to showcase their skills in match based scenarios. Our football development camps, are one of the best places to be for a football learning experience.

Our football development camps are for players who are serious about their development. We want players who want to put 100% in each time, not only challenging themselves but also those around them.

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Player report when completing all 3 days

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Day 1 Defending
Day 1 is all about how players defend, on this day players will go through the principles of defending and how they can excel at this. Topics will include defending when outnumbered, delaying tactics, defending when outnumbered etc. Become the next Van Djik with our defending day.
Day 2 Midfield
On day 2 you will be taught on how to become the midfield general. This will take you around some of the key things it takes to be a midfielder, however all of these skills can be used across the pitch. Whether it's learning to drive through the pitch, or how to receive on the half turn our coaches will put you through intense sessions.
Day 3 Attacking
Become the best finisher in your team with our specific bespoke attacking day. Our team will cover topics such as finishing in the box, scoring from crosses etc. Become your favourite striker for the day and put your all into our attacking day on our development camps.
Football Development Camp

14 Hours Expert Coaching

For the whole time players are with us, they will be receiving in depth detail about how to improve as footballers. All our coaches provided specific instruction on how to develop players.

Football Development Camp

Big Energy Team

Every time our team steps foot on the pitch they bring their all. Our high energy team brings out the best in players to excel at what they do.

Positive Learning Environment

Nothing but positive throughout the players time with us. Positivity grows people and players, which is exactly what our camps are about.