Team Sessions

Have a team you want to take to the next level, or get more technical training. We are able to adapt our training to help a whole group of players improve their technically ability.

Team Coaching Sessions

Working together with yourselves we will design a session which works to develop your team as a whole. Each and every player in the group will receive high level coaching, helping to develop them technically, psychologically, physically and tactically. Adopting our unique approach, you can be assured you will get a high intensity session, to help your team step up to the next level.

Our Venues

St Thomas More, ST3 2NJ (Monday)

Discovery Academy, ST2 0GA (Friday)

Powerleague, ST4 4TN (Saturday)

What to Expect

We will work closely with yourself to design a session which will be specific to your team and the players involved in the group. Our coaches will bring a high energy approach, designed to get even the quieter players involved in the session. Using our state of the art venues, we will be able to deliver a session which pushes players but allows for the most opportunity possible.

Our promise to you:

Professional coaching which is specific to your team

Professional coaching which is specific to your team

All round team enjoyment, working together as a group

Access to a pool of experience to learn and develop from

Our 1 to 1 sessions are aimed at any player who wants to improve their game, and reach the next stage in their footballing journey. We have sessions available for all ages and abilities to ensure maximum player development.