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Elevate Your Child's game with JCR Football Coaching

Unlock your child's full potential

Join us at JCR and elevate your child’s game with our football training sessions. Your personalised sessions, to help reach the next division.

All of our sessions are delivered by experienced, qualified expert coaches who’s focus is on helping your child to reach their next goal. Every player who walk’s onto our pitch has their own unique development pathway. Learning new skills, techniques and tricks on their journey, our players become confident, expressive and ready to dominate the pitch.

We put the power in your hands! Choose from:

1-2-1 Coaching

JCR Squads

JCR Groups

The Power of JCR Football Coaching

Tailored Training for Unmatched Results

  1. Personalised Attention: Whether 1-2-1 or one of our group programmes, all of our training means your child will experience low player – coach ratio’s. This means your child will get extensive time to work on their own individual development, ensuring excellent development pathways.

  2. Focused Skill Development: Every session we deliver has a focus at JCR. No matter how you choose to train with us, you will always know where we are looking to develop. We thrive off the small details, and helping your child develop those 1%’s to really make the difference on the pitch.

  3. Continuous Feedback: Learning from experience, all of our programmes offer feedback to you as the parent and your child! Regular, consistent feedback means you get more from your sessions with us, and your child know’s exactly their areas of development.

  4. Increased Confidence: At the core of all our coaching is the focus on developing confidence. Our aim from our sessions, are to develop confident individuals who are ready to smash whatever they put their mind to.

  5. Experienced Coaches: All of our coaches have all the necessary qualifications to really maximise your child’s training. Added to this our regular in house CPD, their really is not better place to train. 

Favourite Team: Newcastle Favourite Player: Joelinton
Favourite Team: Favourite Player:
Favourite Team: Favourite Player:
Ethan A
Favourite Team: Favourite Player:
Ethan R
Favourite Team: Favourite Player:
Favourite Team: Favourite Player:
Favourite Team: Favourite Player:
Favourite Team: Favourite Player:
Favourite Team: Favourite Player:
Favourite Team: Favourite Player:
Favourite Team: Favourite Player:
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